MEGANv3.2 LAI preprocessing generates CSV outputs which contains only zeros

I have made my own LAIv files using GLASS data, to be used as input for MEAGN LAI preprocessing. The generated LAIv files are the same as the published LAIv files in:

I received no error messages when I executed the run command for the LAI preprocessing. However, the process generated a CSV file that contains only zeros for all grids of each day.
Fortran script, namelist, log file, the generated CSV file, and an example of my LAIv files are available here:

How can I solve this issue? Thank you for any help in advance.

Hi Reza,

I believe that you should try to contact the developers of MEGAN at the University of California, Irvine.
Another suggestion is to download one of the sample LAI input files from their website, and process it, to see if you can successfully generate the csv file. If that works, then carefully examine the variable names, variable types, and verify that your input file matches the input files provided by the developer.

Hi Liz,

Thank you for your reply. I solved the problem. I have made my own LAIv files using GLASS files (in HDF format). Since the model considers the lower left corner of the data to be the origin point and the GLASS files’ origin point is set to the upper left corner of the data, an issue occurred during grid intersection in LAIv preprocessing and resulted in an incorrect computation of the grid area (grid area = 0).