Missing meteorology date error in log file with gentpro (smoke/platform)

I am running gentpro in smoke/platform to generate the hourly temporal file for the ag sector. I keep running into the following error.

“Meteorology file missing”

I looked at the meteorology files, they look good. no missing data points or time steps
I looked at the gentpro.f script, there is one line +1563 that refers to this error but I am not sure how to fix the issue (i can’t find it).

Gentpro_TREF_HOURLY_BASH_NH3.txt (25.9 KB)

Gentpro.f script

Hi an update on this issue. The meteorology files were located. But the issue now is that gentpro stops running with no error noted in the log. Particular for the summer months. In the event i can get it to run through the program, I get the following error. Tried this with different met data - same issue. I have used smoke3.7, smoke4.6 as well.

It looks like you are trying to run Gentpro for a single day - If so, that won’t work – the temporal calculations only work if you have met data for at least a full month (preferably a full year for the ag sector). If you are doing a 2016 run, you could use the Gentpro output from our 2016 platform.


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