Movesmrg RPV program error When Running NEI Onroad Source using Smoke

Using NEI Platform 2015 and smoke 4.5(precompiled with platform)

I run for RPV and an error is shown in the output:

ERROR: At least one message’s priority is less than or equal to the exit priority: 1
ERROR: Level 1 errors or Level 0 warnings found. Check log files, fix inputs, and rerun.

Please find the script run screen output (rpvout.txt) attached.
rpvout.txt (107.5 KB)

The log file shows:

WARNING in subroutine GETM3EPI
End of episode must be earlier than is set by the environment
 because of the input files.

 Value for PROMPTFLAG:  N returning FALSE
 Using default value   2015243  for query:
 "Enter simulation starting date (YYYYDDD)|(YYYYMMDD)"
 Using date  2015243
 Using default value         0  for query:
 "Enter simulation starting time (HHMMSS)"
 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine GETM3EPI
 Date/time from input file(s) are inconsistent with the environment  
      episode settings.

I tried to look into the runsettings.csh file to see if it is a specific setting that is the issue. I have attached the runsettings.csh file and the movesmrg_RPV_onroad_cb6orig_aug_2015fd_cb6_15j__12US2_cmaq_cb6.log file.
movesmrg_RPV_onroad_cb6orig_aug_2015fd_cb6_15j__12US2_cmaq_cb6.txt (10.4 KB)
runsettings.csh (7.0 KB)

The other sectors (RPD, RPH, RPP) ran successfully. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how I can go about addressing this issue?

We find it interesting that the RPD/RPH/RPP worked but not RPP.

They should all work the same with respect to the dates.

In your log, it shows the variable called IOAPI is undefined, and we think that is preventing the date settings from being set properly.

IOAPI: Undefined variable.

Syntax Error.

We note that G_STDATE in the Movesmrg log is wrong, and the datestamp in the Movesmrg log filename is blank.

So, the run dates aren’t being set properly. The other errors (timetracker, GETM3EPI) are side effects of that.

We don’t understand where the “IOAPI” variable comes into play. EPA run scripts reference variables called “IOAPI_LOCATION” and “IOAPIDIR” but not one called “IOAPI”.

We suggest adding these two lines to their run script and see if that helps to get rid of the IOAPI: Undefined variable error



Thank you @eyth.alison. I was able to get RPV working with your suggestion of adding the IOAPI lines to the run script. I went back to RPD/RPH/RPP and reran them and I noticed some changes in the increased run time. (I think it is actually doing what it is supposed to now) Thank you for your help!