Multi layer netcdf file to ioapi cmaq format help!


Does anyone have a code or method to convert multi layer netcdf files to ioapi format for CMAQ?

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What kind of “multi layer netcdf files”?? Without further information, this is an “AI-complete” problem (i.e., if you’ve solved it, you’ve solved how to emulate human intelligence :slight_smile:

Note: the I/O API is not a format – it’s a programming interface (that’s what API means); so far, every attempt I know about to treat it as a format has failed to some degree or another (and I/m the I/O API author, so I’m the authority on that).

On the other hand, there are several examples of codes in the I/O API’s m3tools package that do this sort of conversion – camxtom3f90, mpastom3.f90 wrftom3.f90 – so these provide examples of how to write conversion codes…

Yes thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: what I meant to say was convert from traditional netcdf to the CMAQ grid described format, so I have some fire emissions files in netcdf format and want to convert that to CMAQ ready type files. That is basically the problem that needs solving.

I know you are the author that’s why I have come to ask the question on this forum. excluding the m3tool codes you have mentioned do you have any codes to convert this from traditional netcdf to the CMAQ format?

if you don’t have that no problem.

thanks John

Hi John

If you are good at fortran, you can write a fortran code and fortran IO API library to write data into cmaq model ready files. I wrote similar codes in the past.


Thanks Nosha for the info. This issue has been resolved. I wrote a code to get it sorted

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