netCDF to IO/API conversion

How do we go about converting a gridded netCDF file (in lat-lon coordinates with several variables in it) to the IO/API format?

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Be aware that this is not necessarily trivial, since netCDF does not mandate all the needed metadata, and when available it is frequently not of adequate precision.

Be aware also that netCDF is much more tedious to write robustly, since netCDF is a much-lower-level data interface. Basically, you’ll need to write your own netCDF reader-code, and glue it to I/O API writer-code, probably in a custom program.

For examples of codes where this kind of thing is done, see I/O API M3TOOLS programs “camxtom3” and “wrftom3”,
which are documented at:

Just wanted to draw your attention to my I/O API v3.2 installation problem: