NEI 2007 platfrom errors


I’m trying to run the NEI 2007 platform to generate CMAQ emission ready for summer 2008. I ran the month of June without any problem for all sectors. However, when I was trying to run July and August, I faced an error in two sectors; c1c2rail and nonpt. The error message is “ERROR: Found VOC but no toxics found for the source.”
I attached the log file.
smkinven_nonpt_jul_2007ee_v5_07c.txt (1.2 MB)

Regarding the NHAPEXCLUDE and integration, newer versions of SMOKE are more strict than older versions in terms of triggering errors when there are integration issues. So it’s possible that an NHAPEXCLUDE that used to work back when we ran the 2007ee case will no longer work, and we think that is what is happening here.

This can be fixed by adding sources to the NHAPEXCLUDE. Any FIPS/SCC that has a “ERROR: Found VOC but no toxics found for the source” message in the log, add a record for that FIPS/SCC to the NHAPEXCLUDE. It is not necessary to add the “WARNING: Both VOC and toxics are NOT found for the source:” sources to the NHAPEXCLUDE.

Alternatively, one could also turn off integration altogether (SMK_PROCESS_HAPS = blank). But if doing this, you’d need to also switch to a different INVTABLE which drops BAFM from the inventory, to prevent a double count.