New module not compiled

Hi everyone,
Due to the need of research, I need to add two new modules into CCTM: DHGO and fBr2. I edited the bld_cctm.csh file and added
" set ModDHGO = dHgO/dHgO #> HgO depositioin module
set ModFBr2 = fBr2/fBr2 #> BrO profile input file"
into the science modules part. Also, i added
" set text = “fixed Br2”
echo “// options are” $text >> Cfile echo "Module {ModFBr2}" >> $Cfile
echo >> $Cfile

set text = “distribute HgO”
echo “// options are” $text >> Cfile echo "Module {ModDHGO}" >> $Cfile
echo >> $Cfile"
into the “Create config file” part.
But it seems only one of the two modules can be compiled and it depends on the order of the modules i added into the “create config file” part. Attached is the bldit_cctm.csh file i changed. Could someone help me with this? Thanksbldit_cctm_hgbr.csh.txt|attachment (29.9 KB)

Not sure how you make this happen automatically, but you can fix manually: In your BLD_CCTM directory, there is a Makefile, with a “# dependencies” section. In that section you need to add a line that describes which module depends upon the other one (where I am assuming that ModFBr2 depends upon ModDHGO; switch these two if the dependency goes the other way):

ModFBr2.o : ModDHGO

The log file from your build did not come through, at least for me when viewing your post. Please try posting your log file again.
You could also try what Carlie suggests: modify your Makefile manually to add the required dependencies, then invoke make to compile.

I edited Makefile in BLD_CCTM and manually add fBr2.o and dHgO.o. Then use the command “make”. But the Error message says there is no fBr2.o and dHgO.o.

compile.txt (113.6 KB)
bldit_cctm_hgbr.csh.txt (29.9 KB)
Attached is my log file. In this file, only FBR2 module was built, DHGO module was not built. Actually i added both modules in bld_cctm.csh and i use the same method to add these two modules.

 echo "Module ${ModFBr2}"                                          >> $Cfile
 echo "Module ${ModDHGO}"                                          >> $Cfile

Change these lines to:

 echo "Module ${ModFBr2};"                                          >> $Cfile
 echo "Module ${ModDHGO};"                                          >> $Cfile

I’m not certain that will work, but please give it a try.

I didn’t notice this… It works!! Thanks so much :star_struck: