Problem in changing biogenic output units


I’m using SMOKE NEI 2011 Platform6.3 to make biogenic emissions ready for CMAQ. Although I use “MRG_GRDOUT_UNIT” flag to change the units to “moles/s”, the output units are still “tons/hr”. The “RUN_SMKMERGE” is also set to “Y”. What do I need to do more to change the units?


Tmpbeis outputs two files per day, an “emis_mass” file (B3GTS_S) and an “emis_mole” file (B3GTS_L). The emis_mass file has the tons/hr units, and it’s possible you didn’t notice the emis_mole files which have moles/s units.

If there are no emis_mole files, can you provide the Normbeis and Tmpbeis logs? (For beis, Smkmerge is only used to generate reports.) We are not sure that MRG_OUTPUT_UNIT has any effect on BEIS.

Thank you for your help.
So, there is no need to use MRG_OUTPUT_UNIT in any script?
How SMOKE understands which unit should be used in merged emissions?

BEIS model is not a part of SMOKE modeling system but a stand-alone model. It is simply integrated with SMOKE to generate hourly gridded emissions for CTM models.
So, Smkmerge can not change the unit of output values from BEIS model. Tmpbei3 (which is one of main programs of BEIS) can control the type of unit but it is limited to only two options (1: moles/hr or 2: moles/sec) using a flag called “OUT_UNITS` : [default: 1]”.

Smkmerge run for biogenic sources is only designed to create the summary total report like county total. It is not a part of BEIS model but SMOKE modeling system.