How to process FINN emission lists without unit conversion using fire_emis

I want to create a FINN emissions inventory to run the CMAQ model, but the units for each pollutant in the nc file I get after running it with the fire_emis program are molecules/cm^2/s. If I want the program to output the raw units (kg/day and moles/day) directly without converting the units, how do I do that? Thanks a lot!

Wiki Website for the fire_emis program is available here:

The wiki website gives an explanation about how to configure fire_emis to use different units:

The default units (molecules/cm^2/s). This namelist value is only used for adding unit attributes to the output files. If you want to convert to different units, you must update this name and use the glb2fire_map namelist parameter with the appropriate scaling factors for unit conversion. All unit conversions beyond molecules/cm^2/s are done in this namelist, and not by the code itself (see examples). If you want to change units for only certain species, use the optional_non_default_unit_attribute in the glb2fire_map namelist parameter, as explained below.

There is a User form for wrf-chem-fire_emiss that may also provide assistance:

(Note, the following comment was contributed by EPA)
The way that the FINN inventories were created for EQUATES (and other platforms) is to extract the text-based files from FINN’s website, convert to SMOKE compatible FF10s, and run through SMOKE to get CMAQ ready emissions. There is an FF10 inventory script available that has been previously distributed.

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