Process in afdust for 2016

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I am trying to run SMOKE for 2016 June US 12km, I download needed data and script from “” and modify needed path in run script. I got some problem when running afdust, at first step “Annual_afdust_12US2_2016fd_cb6_16j.csh” while the 4 log files of smkinven, spamet, grdmat and temporal are all show program complete but the running log file shows the following error:

SCRIPT ERROR: Incorrect number of arguments for timetracker.csh

           The correct sytax for calling that script is:

timetracker.csh <initialize?> <outfile> <start date/time> <program> <processing date>

ERROR: Problem calling timetracker from smk_run script

ERROR: Running smk_run for part 2 in jan_2016

I search solution from “National Emissions Inventory Processing” and command timetracker as it said in this page but the error information still unsolved. I have no idea how to solve this problem, could you please help me with that? Thanks very much.


Very likely that “processing date” is not set, which is also ESDATE. Check your logs for an error in ‘datshift’ - if that’s the case, look in your ASSIGNS file and replace and /bin/env datshift with $IOAPI/datshift.