Run Gentpro script

I don’t believe that Gentpro has not been updated to support latest TREF format yet. It generates the updated TPRO files but not the TREF yet unless I am mistaken. Since you are generating the county-specific temporal profiles for RWC sources, you can still use the same TREF (no need to update with the TREF output file from Gentrpo), The original TREF should work fine with the newly generated TPRO files you generated. Let me know whether this fixes the issue with Temproal or not.

We think we have a fix for this issue, but not until tomorrow. Will follow up then…

Thanks for providing the solution, but unfortunately the original TREF file still gave the same error.


We have posted a new package for using Gentpro including a README that should help address the issues you have been having – please let us know how it goes:

This solution works perfectly! Thanks very much.