Sector Merge Not Found Data File


I am using SMOKE for 2015 Jan US 12km. I downloaded SMOKE from the 2015v7.1 (alpha) platform package and got some ERROR when running for sector merge. (merge_out.txt (6.2 KB) )

The error said that it did not find the data file located in /premerged/mrggrid. After checking the files, I found that these files were linked to some files which did not exist.

I am running SMOKE for Jan so I am not sure how can I generate these data for 20151208 or 20151222. I would so appreciate it if anyone can help.


Looks like you are missing December emissions file to handle the spinup period. The easiest way to do this is to set SPINUP_DURATION to 10 instead of 0 for all of the sectors.

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Hi Dr. Baek,

Thanks for your response. Did you mean rerunning all the sector using 0 in SPINUP_DURATION or set SPINUP_DURATION to 0 when merging all sectors?


It has been solved by setting SPINUP_DURATION to 0 when merging all sectors. Thanks!

Glad to hear that you were able to resolve this issue.