SMOKE merge problem with time steps


Can anyone please help me with the problem I faced in merging different sectors within SMOKE?
I have finished all sectors separately using NEI-2015 and SMOKE. However, for merging all sectors, I receive an error that says some of my emission files have not enough time steps:

 ERROR: Number of time steps       24 in file 
      is insufficient to cover the requested number of output 
      time steps       25
 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine SETOUTDATE
 Problem with duration of input files

I checked the emission files in intermed folder and it seems four sectors (onroad, onroad_ca, afdust_adj, and othafdust_adj) have 24 time steps and the rest of sectors have 25 time steps. I don’t know why the error says cmv_c1c2 sector has problem.

Also, when I remove the mentioned four sectors (with 24 time steps) from sectors_list, merging is done with no problem.

I couldn’t find any difference in run scripts of different sectors, related to time steps.
Do you know what might be wrong?

Thank you,


Can you please provide the following log files:

For afdust, a sample log for each of these programs: smkmerge, xportfrac, and apply.precip.adj? These are all in the intermed/afdust/logs/ directory.

For onroad, could provide a sample movesmrg log for RPD, RPP, RPH, and RPV, as well as a sample onroad mrggrid log (in intermed/onroad/RP*/logs/ and intermed/onroad/logs/, respectively)?
Note that I’m asking for an onroad mrggrid log, not a mrggrid log from the overall sector merge.

You can zip them and email them to


We found that
the METCRO2D files you are using in /scratch/se75432/workDir/emis_2015/met/08/ only contain 24 timesteps; but they should each have 25 for things to work properly.

Thank you for the help.
That’s right. I used m3wndw program to change my met files domain size. The only thing I needed to do was that use end time of “245959” instead of the default end time “240000”.
Now it is working.