Shell for SMOKE

I took the training Introduction to SMOKE in October and I learn that the files are in C shell.

I am planning to use SMOKE with my new Linux Laptop which is using the bash shell. Would it be OK by changing the shebang line to #!/bin/csh of the files and then use the following command ‘‘csh script_name’’?

or do I have to change the bash shell into C shell ? Thank you!

That #!/bin/csh line means that it doesn’t matter what your login-shell is; the program that follows will be using the csh language, and that particular csh-interpreter will be used to run it…

Similarly, stand-alone Python (or PERL) programs (i.e., not run as explicit python ) begin with the name of the Python (or PERL) interpreter, and so on for any of the scripting languages… and you certainly don’t use the Python interpreter as your login shell!

Thank you very much for your fast answer !
I was wondering if the C shell was a must to have with SMOKE. According to your answer, it seems that not, or am I wrong?

It must be on your system, in the indicated location but does not need to be your login-shell.

Thank you very much for your helpful answer. Best regards.

There may be multiple ways to do this. I find it’s simplest to type csh or tcsh when I log in to the computer I’m running from before I start running C-shell scripts.

Others may have different suggestions. You shouldn’t have to change your default shell if you want to use bash.

Thank you very much for your suggestion and I am going to try it. Best regards!