Simulation of ozone concentration is low

CMAQ5.2.1 simulation of ozone concentration is low, it is possible that the pollution source can be read but not update?
(The source is form MEIC 2016, and assigned by own code, not smoke,and run CCTM without error)

Or what are the concerns about using own sources?Snipaste_2020-01-19_15-16-07

Thanks of all reply!

I think this issue is caused by the allocation of the MEIC emission inventory. Could you check your emission file for the units and values for the VOCs and NOx in urban NJ? I wonder that the values are significantly underestimated when you allocate the emission inventory (Because your simulation result even don’t appear the diurnal variation of ozone).


I also encountered the same problem, I used CMAQ5.2.1 simulation of SO2 value maximum only 0.00027ppmv, the source is MEIC 2017, what is the cause?
Thanks of reply!