Smkinven: Negative stack exit velocity and temperature?

Hello, I’m a newbie in SMOKE. And I’m using v4.81.

I’m converting my list of point emissions to ORL format. And I met some warning messages from smk_point_capss.csh

217 WARNING: Negative stack exit velocity :: Reset to zero at line 5
218 WARNING: Negative stack exit temperature :: Reset to zero at line 5

But my list of point emissions don’t have negative stack exit velocity or temperature. I don’t know what is problem. I attached my ORL file and log file.

smkinven.point.capss.txt (95.3 KB)

ptinv.capss2016.orl.csv (162.2 KB)

Thank you.

ORL format has been retired. You should used FF10 format.

Oh. Thank you for your comment. I’ll try to convert to FF10 format.

I tried to use FF10 format, but I met the same warning messages:

213 /pub/home/gwangjin/local/smoke_v481/data/inventory/capss2016/point/ptinv.capss2016.ff10
216 WARNING: Negative stack exit velocity :: Reset to zero at line 7
217 WARNING: Negative stack exit temperature :: Reset to zero at line 7

I attached my FF10 file and log file.

Thank you.

ptinv.capss2016.ff10.csv (184.4 KB)
smkinven.point.capss.txt (69.1 KB)

We noticed that there are no emissions specified in your file: the ann_value column is blank for all sources.

The column headers are:


You may also need to fill in the rel_point_id and process_id columns for SMOKE to properly process the data.
Anything in those columns will do, e.g. a single letter or number.

In addition to the other parameters mentioned earlier, The stack temp, flow, and velocity are all null. SMOKE may internally set those null values to -9 when it processes them as floating point numbers (that’s a BH question) and then reset them to 0 when it hits the negative number.

The solution is to fill in the stack parameters for all of the fields (columns R-V) or just ignore the warning and use the values in the pstk.


I found I missed ann_value column which is important. And I filled in ann_value [tons/year].
Thank you for you comment.

I have a question regarding the unit of “ann_value”.
Which is the unit of “ann_value” metric ton(equal to 1000 kilograms) or U.S. ton?

I found SMOKE uses “short tons” (U.S. ton) in manual. Thank you.

Great – glad you got it to work. The latest EPA platform is posted for examples of the various files SMOKE uses.