SMOKE interface AEDTProc for processing commerical aircraft emissions


In the 11th CMAS annual conference (2012), Dr. B.H Baek introduced a new SMOKE interface, AEDTProc, to process AEDT estimated global commercial aircraft emissions for air quality modeling. This interface is being used for recent studies, e.g., However, I couldn’t find it in the SMOKE package. Is this interface still available?

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AEDTProc is not an interface within SMOKE but a stand-alone tool that developed to process 3-D aircraft emissions from FAA’s AEDT model. It does not require SMOKE to process that. I am not sure whether this AEDTProc tool is cleared to be released to the public or not. Dr. Arunachalam (@sarav) can answer that question.

However, there is a new core program called Lnkmerge in SMOKE modeling system that is currently under development with similar functionalities from AEDTProc. It works with new types of link-level emissions inventory format for mobile, aircraft, rail, and other link-level inventory sources. It can also allocate 3-d aircraft emissions into 3D grid cells for air quality models just like AEDTProc. It will be a part of SMOKE system in the upcoming SMOKE public release in 2021.

Thank you very much BH for the clarification. As you gave the presentation, I thought it was a SMOKE interface. Apparently you are not only working with SMOKE :slight_smile: The Lnkmerge sounds a very useful program.