AEDTproc for SMOKE and CMAQ input

I want to use AEDT emission. I do not know what is AEDT input file format for SMOKE.
I do not know how and where to start.
Could you explain how to use those scripts step by step?

The following slides mention AEDT-Gridder Development.

Here are a few link to a paper, and a quote from that paper that may help.
" Starting with Arunachalam et al. (2011), a new 4-D representation of aircraft emissions from EDMS was used in several studies including Woody et al. (2011), courtesy of a new tool that was developed called EDMS2Inv (Baek et al., 2012) to convert EDMS emissions for use in SMOKE and CMAQ. In recent years, several CMAQ applications (Vennam et al., 2014; Woody et al., 2015; Yim et al., 2015) have started using the new AEDT-based aircraft emissions. In this study we focused only on the commercial aircraft emissions and did not consider military emissions, which contribute 10–15% of total aircraft emissions (Olsen et al., 2013; Waitz et al., 2005). AEDT is an environment policy tool that estimates emissions for all global commercial flights throughout all phases of flight activity."

I am unaware of the availability of the code and/or if there are user manuals.