SMOKE Residential Wood Combustion Primary vs. Secondary Emissions

I am attempting to model the air pollution effects of RWC replacement scenarios. I am using EnergyPlus and ResStock to model the electricity loads of implementing heat pumps, but I am hoping to differentiate between primary and secondary/supplementary heating technologies. I have read through the NEI methodology for allocating appliance fractions based on CEC surveys, and I am aware that RECS has this data at the regional scale. Is anyone aware of higher resolution primary vs. secondary heating technology data?

Thank you!

Climate Change Research Group
Northwestern University

We do not have data to help determine the primary and secondary use of appliance types. We have national-level data on that in the survey report (Figure 3 in But we decided against doing a regional breakdown, partly because we received relatively few responses from people that use wood as their primary heat source.

A different option for figuring this out is the RECS survey. They do ask about primary vs. secondary appliance use and you could dig into that if you have the time/resources.