SMOKE: selecting EPA's SCC code


I’m matching domestic SCC code with EPA’s SCC code. And I found that there are two status (active or retired) in EPA’s SCC. Should I use only active SCC code for SMOKE? Or retired SCC codes also are supported?

And I also have one more question regarding data category (point, nonpoint, etc) of EPA’s SCC. Should I also match my inventory data category with data category of EPA’ SCC?

Thank you.

SMOKE does not care whether which SCCs are retired or not as long as inventory and all ancillary inputs (temporal cross-reference, chemical speciation x-reference, surrogate x-reference) share the same SCCs. It is up to you but I would strongly recommend you to contact Korea NIER forecasting team for their assistances. They have been using and updating the SMOKE system for their forecasting modeling works over a decade and they already have the list of SCCs used in there modeling system.

OK. I have the old list of SCCs from Korean NIER open reports.
But new domestic emission list needs new SCCs.
I will find how to contact Korea NIER forecasting team.

And thank you for letting me know that all reference inputs share the same SCCs.

Thank you for your comment.

In the EPA SCC lists, only active codes are used in the most current inventories and can be submitted to EIS.

The SMOKE system will still work with retired codes if they are included in the ancillary data cross references…

But it could make sense for you to give preference to active codes if you are creating a new inventory.

Thank you for your comment.