SMOKE test case using CRACMM chemical speciation

I am wondering if a SMOKE test case using CRACMM chemical speciation can be made available? Thanks.

Since multiple users may be interested in using CRACMM emissions, I’ll provide multiple answers for how to get CRACMM emissions.

  1. If you are interested in CRACMM CMAQ inputs that have already been processed through SMOKE, inputs for year 2018 across the U.S. at 12 km horizontal resolution are available here: AWS S3 Explorer.

  2. If you have a custom workflow and are trying to map a new compound, you can either manually map it using the flowchart, use the python code to automate mapping, or rerun Speciation Tool with SPECIATE inputs mapped to CRACMM.

  3. We have also provided a set of SMOKE gscnv, gspro, and gsref files from ORD. I will inquire as to making the full SMOKE input set available with my colleague

In all cases, when running CMAQ, note that 3 files need to be synchronized for emissions to be ingested properly: the run script (which labels streams), the DESID mechanism specific control file (which maps the identity of individual emitted species to CMAQ species), and the DESID general control file (which defines families). Double check the log for at least one CMAQ processor to make sure emissions are as expected. There were some slight renames in CRACMM species as we developed CRACMM (e.g. TOLUENE to TOL, see here for version compatibility) and you’ll want to keep an eye out for those species.