FINN fire emission process

Hello CMAQ community,
I am trying to figure out using FINN fire emission with my CMAQ modeling over CONUS but I have no clues how SMOKE could process the FINN.
Any comments are highly appreciated!
Could you please find a free moment to reply to me?

You need to process FINN fire emissions and convert them into SMOKE-ready FF10 formats. I do believe there are scripts that could assist you to covert them into these FF10 formatted files. @eyth.alison probably can assist you on that.
Point annual FF10 file and Point daily FF10 file

I have also tinkered with FINN for CMAQ in the past to create a non-SMOKE system. The goal was to create a simple pathway to go from publicly available data to make CMAQ-ready emissions. I call it finn2cmaq[1]. It is probably not as good as the SMOKE approach, but it might be useful for users without SMOKE because it is a quick method that can be run in the cloud. To date, I have primarily used the 2D data as an alternative data source for comparison. There is no warranty expressed or implied…

An example Jupyter Notebook that applies the system is available in the github project. Look in the examples folder. Right now, the PM speciation is a little simplistic. The EC, OC, SO4 and NO3 are explicit, but all the rest is in PMOTHR. This could certainly be improved, and should be QA’d during any application…

[1] GitHub - barronh/finn2cmaq: Fire emission pre-processor for CMAQ.


Thanks so much for providing this and it is super helpful. May I ask whether there are any species mapping for GEOS-Chem to SAPRC mechanism? Because I find that currently, it supports the CB mechanism.
Thanks again!

The finn2cmaq processor uses the GEOS-Chem speciated inputs by default, but it is mechanism agnostic. You could instead use the SAPRC99 speciated inputs. You’d just have to replace the speciation converter file used by the script. By default, it uses the aux/gc12_to_cb6r3_ae7.txt file. Assuming you want to speciate for SAPRC07TC with AE6, you would basically create a similar file aux/saprc99_to_saprc07tc_ae6.txt where the species names match the names used by CMAQ.[1,2]

If you do, please make an issue on the github issue site and share your script. I’ll include it in the distribution.

[1] CMAQ/ at master · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub
[2] CMAQ/ at master · USEPA/CMAQ · GitHub

Thanks for your quick reply! Sure, I would like to write the txt file with SAPRC07TC with AE6 (it is also the mechanism which we currently used.)
I will post the issue on GitHub when I finish.