Spatial Surrogate for Hotelling

The old US Spatial Surrogate Workbook (v093013) has the hotelling surrogate (Off-Network MD/HD; ID 251) listed as “Combination of 50% Industrial and 50% Highway Exits; proxy to start/stop/idling locations for MOVES RPP and RPV heavy/medium duty vehicles”. I’m assuming the new RPH emissions in MOVES should also use the same surrogate.
Has anyone found a better spatial surrogate source for hotelling? Or, is there an updated spatial surrogate workbook out there?

The 2016alpha platform available on the EPA CHIEF website uses surrogate 205 for hotelling. The surrogate package can be found under:

The surrogate uses a heavy duty diesel truck potential idling location weighting shapefile, which is also available on CHIEF:
The shapefile is made up of point locations for truck stops, rest areas, and other locations where trucks might have a long idle.

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