Use observed BrO profile to constrain BrO concentrations

Hi everyone,
We want to use observed BrO profile to constrain BrO concentrations in CMAQ simulation. So we added a new module called FBR2 and the script is attached here.FBR2.F.txt (6.0 KB)

  1. the new module is defined in bldit_cctm.csh
    set ModFBR2 = FBR2/FBR2
    and i successfully compiled it.
  2. I defined a new variable BR2F in run_cctm.csh and designated it to be the BRO profile
  3. in sciproc.F under interface section i added FBR2 module below COUPLE module and also under " IF ( .NOT. COLUMN_MODEL ) THEN"

My problem is that, after running the model, my BRO concentration is the initial concentration which is 10e-30 and not the concentration from the BRO profile. Could you help with this?

Dear Lin,

It is not clear what caused the problem. But I can try to take a look at the problem if you are willing to share the model and data for a day.

Golam Sarwar

Thanks gsarwar,
I found out the reason, i used the wrong index for BRO, after i changed it, it works fine.