WARNING in subroutine OPEN3

Hi, I am having the following problem while running CMAQ5.3.2. My mechanic is cb6r3_ae7_aq, and MCIP5.0 for weather. Is this because my weather file failed to transfer? What should I do about it?

You’re not giving us enough of the log to help diagnose the problem. Immediately before this
WARNING will have been a message of the form

MET_CRO_3D: *path-name for file*

and then the question is what the command ls -l says about that physical path-name: is the file there, and if so, what are the permissions?

Hi, I attach my log file, thank you for your help. Is it because my met file did not transfer successfully?

I repeat the above: what does the command ls -l say about this file? (…and I’m not going to copy that entire path beginning with /mnt where you used an un-cut-and-paste-able image to display the log, instead of useful (either in-line cut-and-paste or attached-file) text…)

Sorry for replying you so long. I tried to change the compiler to pgi, but there was a new problem.I attach my run script and log file.

CTM_LOG_019.v532_pgi_cn36_20190110.txt (8.9 KB)
run_cctm_pfas.txt (36.7 KB)

The error points to a different file, but the same problem, so the advice given by @cjcoats still stands. What does ls -l /mnt/Data1/lifenx/test/inp/36km/icon/CCTM_v532_cn36_profile_2019010 say?

(thanks for posting the run log as text file this time)

Hi,Thank you for your reply. This file is to store some variable information, I attach this file.
ICON_v532_cn36_profile_2019010.txt (72.4 KB)

I’m sorry for not giving you useful information before. I attach part of the met file.
METCRO3D_cn36_2019010.txt (46.2 KB)

Thanks for posting these files.

However, the error message is more fundamental, it does not point to a problem with the contents of the file, but to a problem with even being able to access it. Put differently, the executable cannot find the file at the location specified in the run script, which points to a problem with path and/or file name definitions in the run script.

The log file tells you exactly where the executable is looking for the input file when it fails, so just running the ls -l system command with the relevant full file name and path from the log file as argument as mentioned by @cjcoats in posts 2 and 4 should confirm that there was an error with the path, and you can then proceed with fixing the path and/or filename specified in the run script.

In your third post, you mention that you got past the error for opening MET_CRO_3D, and you also mention changing the compiler. Changing the compiler should not have affected this particular error, so I’m guessing you also made a change to the run script to fix the path and/or file name of the MET_CRO_3D file. If that’s the case, now you need to do the same for the ICON file.

Actually, looking at your attachments again now, I think you’re setting the file name for ICFILE incorrectly. Your setting is setenv ICFILE CCTM_v532_cn36_profile_2019010 which matches what the program is looking for in the error message you posted (/mnt/Data1/lifenx/test/inp/36km/icon/CCTM_v532_cn36_profile_2019010), but the header you shared in your last post suggests that the file is actually named ICON_v532_cn36_profile_2019010 (which would be a more typical name for an initial condition name). So, the solution likely is to change setenv ICFILE CCTM_v532_cn36_profile_2019010 to setenv ICFILE ICON_v532_cn36_profile_2019010 in your run script, and of course also double check the setting of ICPath to make sure that that’s where the file resides.

Thank you for your advice. I have realized this problem. I will check the path of my file.