MET_CRO_3D not availabel while it is there

Dear all,

I add 3 domain CMAQ run to daily scheduled tasks, but it will error abort while starting domain 2 or 3 with MET_CRO_3D file not availabel error. The file is in the right path, the task will continue to run when I manually restart it while changing nothing. Does anyone knows why?

CTM_LOG_018.v532_intel_d03_20211216.txt (4.0 KB)

Can you verify the output of the following command.

ls /home/forecast/CMAQ/mcip/data/2021-12-16/d03/

Sometimes a small typo in the script will lead to this error.

Hi Yunqing,

 Please contact me directly ( to collect additional information before I can offer a solution. Thanks.