Wet deposition scheme: CMAQ 5.0.2 vs CMAQ 5.3.2

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone know the wet deposition calculation difference between CMAQ-5.0 and CMAQ-5.3. I did a same simulation using same input files using CMAQ5.3.2 and compared that with 5.0.2 and found large difference in wet deposition of a PM species(100000*APHGJ).
The following results is at one site of a day. The left is 5.0.2 and the right is 5.3.2. 5.0.2’s wet deposition is much larger than 5.3.2.
By the way, i run the benchmark before and my wet deposition simulation is very close to the standard output. Part of my run script is also shown below.

Any related thoughts are appreciated!!!


Were you able to identify why CMAQ has different wet deposition values for a PM species or do you still need assistance?