What is the Coordinate System for C-LINE Results?

As the topic says, wondering what the coordinate system is for the C-LINE Excel file results. The ‘receptors’ seem to be in some sort of projected coordinate system with an unknown origin (e.g. 200958, 3729690 for the xLCC and yLCC attributes). I tried projecting them in Web Mercator for a test site in Atlanta, GA, USA and the resultant points were in northern Africa.

Additionally, does anyone know what exactly the points refer to in relation to the C-LINE raster output? Do they represent the center of each raster cell, the bottom left corner, or something else?

Thank you very much for any information!

For C-LINE, the receptors use a UTM projection whose zone is determined by the center of the modeling domain. The file ctools.prj included in the downloadable results archive provides the specific projection for your modeling scenario.

Regarding the raster output, I replied to your question in this thread: XORIG, YORIG : cell center or cell edge? - #5 by cseppan

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