When will NEI2019 be ready?


I noticed that EPA has uploaded some files for 2019. They are very helpful for my study.
I am curious when will 4km surrogate files, ocean_chlorine or even the whole NEI2019 package be ready.

Thank you in advance.

The 2019 folder on the ftp site contains the following Information about the files that are currently available.


Alison Eyth provided additional information in an email.

We have interim year releases of our modeling platforms on our FTP site, plus we prepare/release the point source NEI every year.

Regarding the modeling platform ancillary data, all surrogates for the 2019 platform are consistent with those released for the 2017 platform here ā€“ except for oil and gas:


We will look for a time to prepare the 4km oil and gas surrogates for 2019 but Iā€™m not sure of the exact date yet. In the meantime the 2017 spatial surrogates could be used.

Please let me know if that answers your question.

I have just updated the package info for 2019 to this file with an updated date and a few additional points: https://gaftp.epa.gov/Air/emismod/2019/2019ge_package_info_08jun2022.txt

Ocean chlorine files are portable across platforms and an example can be found here:

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Hi Liz and Alison,

Thanks a lot for these information!