Which data from MADIS used in WRF3.8 for MCIP?


I checked previous MCIP output 12km CONUS, used MADIS data (“combination of 3-hour Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)”). Could I know the detailed information about which data in MADIS used? LDAD/mesonet or point/metar?

Thank you in advance!

What simulation year is the MCIP data for? Please include the link to the MCIP output that you are referring to.

I need to generate 12km and 4km MCIP output over my domain for 2017 using EPA’s configurations.
I found information about WRF and MCIP for other years (2016. 2015?) from CMAS warehouse. Now, no information in that website. CMAS Data Warehouse.

The MCIP output I am referring to WRFv3.8_12US1_2017_35L - Google Drive

Hi, we use the MADIS data available here: madis-data.ncep.noaa.gov

Using most of the surface variables (metar, maritime, npn, raob, etc.). We don’t use mesonet data for any assimilation methods for our 12km simulations. We also use VAD profiler data that gets blended with the MADIS data that then gets run through OBSGRID. Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot for your reply!
Two more quick question, for 4km simulation, did you also use these variables? did you use mesonet?

Thank you in advance.

Which 4km simulation? If we ran a 4km simulation, we may also include the mesonet data in addition to the data I already mentioned, depending on the size of the domain. The mesonet data can sometimes be very large compared to the standard obs datasets.

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I see, thank you for this information.