Which version of GHRSST for WRF


I aim to reproduce MCIP output for NEI2017 12US1. I am trying to prepare input for WRF3.8 based on descriptions in Meteorological Model Performance for Annual 2016 Simulation WRF v3.8.
GHRSST 1km SST data were used. I searched on website (Find Data | PO.DAAC / JPL / NASA), but I am not sure which version of GHRSST is the exact one used.
Is it GHRSST Level 4 MUR Global Foundation Sea Surface Temperature Analysis (v4.1)MUR-JPL-L4-GLOB-v4.1?
It is 0.01 degree, it seems to have two versions, one is without cloud enables, the other is with cloud enabled.
Could anyone provide this specific information?

Thank you in advance.

The FTP site for the GHRSST data used is: ftp://ftp.nodc.noaa.gov/pub/data.nodc/ghrsst/L4/GLOB/JPL_OUROCEAN/G1SST/

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Thanks a lot for this information and reply

Hi Chris,

A quick question, G1SST should only has one hour data for each day, so did you used it to replace SST at that hour or apply it for 24 hours when run WPS?

Thank you in advance.