2016v2 RPD error

Hi all,

I am trying to run the onroad sector of SMOKE using the 2016V2 platform. I have successfully run the RPH, RPHO, and RPS sectors without error and the RPP and RPV sectors with level 2-3 errors. However, I am having trouble running the RPD script. When I run RPD, I receive the following error during movesmrg:

The 2016v2 TSD says that the SPDIST file (I am using SPDIST_2017NEI_20200108_07may2020_v1) specifies the weekend/weekday speed activity, but I cannot find anything obviously erroneous with this file or how it is called. The smk_merge_dates file looks reasonable as well:


Is there another script that may be causing this error?

Thank you in advance.


We wonder if you have a corrupted download or unzip. Can you confirm that their copy of SPDIST_2017NEI_20200108_07may2020_v1 is exactly 1620286760 bytes? The copy on our FTP site is that size.

I thought about this being the issue as well and had downloaded it again from the server. The size is the same as what appeared on the server.


I appreciate your help.