Running Temporal and MOVESMRG RPD NEI 2020

Hello all,

I am trying to run RPD from February 1st through May 1st, 2023, using the latest inventory (NEI 2020). But the mtref and spdist files are provided in a monthly basis and SMOKE mtref and spdist does not support in lst format. In this case, how can I run the model for three months at once? For now, my assign file and run script that I am using is attached. Thank you for your help.

ASSIGNS.nctox.cmaq.cb05_soa.us12-nc.txt (26.1 KB)
smk_rateperdistance_nctox.txt (4.8 KB)

The fact that you have nctox in the name of your files shows you are using old scripts.

The full 2020 platform is available from the EPA web and FTP sites:

The scripts in the public EPA platforms do what you are requestions as follows.

The month-specific inputs are defined in our scripts as:

setenv MTREF_2 [February MTREF]

setenv SPDIST_2 [February SPDIST]

setenv MTREF_3 [March MTREF]

setenv SPDIST_3 [March SPDIST]

and so on. Then, prior to running Temporal and Movesmrg, the SMOKE-MOVES run script says:

setenv MTREF MTREF_{$month}

setenv SPDIST SPDIST_{$month}

We are unclear as to why you are using the nctox scripts because they are not compatible with the way things are currently implemented.