Assessment of uncertainty in 2014 NEIv1 emission inventory

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I am trying to find some documents or existed evaluations of uncertainty in the 2014 NEIv1 emission inventory. As we all know the uncertainty assessment in emission inventory is essentially needed whereas it is hard for me to find any assessment of uncertainty in the 2014 NEIv1 emission inventory.

I only find a very old technical report Emission Inventory Improvement Program, specifically Chapter 4: Evaluating the Uncertainty of Emission Estimates (EPA, 1996), which states that “At present, quantified uncertainty measures are not available for the NEI emissions estimates because the parties that submit emissions estimates to EPA are not asked to include quantitative uncertainty measurements or estimates. Consequently, no uncertainty estimates can be developed for the aggregate regional or national figures. Many of the variables and emission factors used to estimate emissions are based on the best available information sources, but some underlying data are implied or not highly characterized, and therefore do not lend themselves well to quantitative uncertainty analyses”.
To make it more clear, I would like to ask whether we have any assessment of uncertainty in the 2014 NEIv1 emission inventory (I don’t find the contents of uncertainty evaluation in the technical report:
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I don’t think there is any uncertainty assessment report that has been done for the NEI 2014. If you are interested in, there have been some limited uncertainty study of bottom-up inventory like NEI against to the top-down inventory based on remote-sensing measurements like NO2 from OMPS and NH3 from CrIS and IASI.

There is no uncertainty assessment that has been done for the 2014 NEI.

The following resource describes efforts by the EPA to make improvements in estimating emissions and characterizing the uncertainty the emissions estimates.

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Thanks for your reply. I am concerned about the uncertainty of VOCs in 2014 NEI emission inventory. Thus, I may need to search for literature.
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Thanks for your feedback. I will check it out.
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