CALMAP for CMAQ windblown dust

As I was tinkering with the WBDUST option in both CMAQv5.3.2 and CMAQv5.2.1, I am seeing that v5.2.1 has information (related to CALMAP in user guide) and scripts/files (run_calmap.csh, CPCALED.txt, NCROP.txt under CMAQ_REPO/PREP/agdust/scripts; CMAQ_REPO/PREP/wbdust/scripts/monthly_to_daily.ncl) that v5.32 does not in its CMAQ_REPO/PREP folder. I do see agricultural erosion option in v5.2 runscript that I do not see in v5.3.2, but I was curious if WBDUST was updated significantly from v5.2 to v5.3. What are the major differences in WBDUST option between the two versions?

The agricultural erosion option you see in v5.2 was removed in the v5.3 release because the development and support of this option was no longer available. I believe our internal testing of the windblown dust updates included in v5.2.1 did not use the agricultural erosion option, i.e., CTM_WB_DUST set to Y and CTM_ERODE_AGLAND set to N (@hoseinforoutan can you please confirm this).

In terms of WBDUST in v5.3.2, the WBDUST treatment is still the same as what is included in v5.2.1 as described in Foroutan et al. (2017). What was updated in v5.3 was what input files are needed/supported for using this option which is described here

Foroutan et al. (2017) Development and evaluation of a physics-based windblown dust emission scheme implemented in the CMAQ modeling system, J. Adv. Mod. Earth Sys. 9: 585-608.

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Yes - We saw minimal contributions from ‘AGLAND’ when testing version v5.2. Also, a confirmation that the dust model is the same in v5.2 & v5.3 (both based on Foroutan et al., 2017), but the input files and their cofigurations may be different.

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