Can not find shapefiles

Hi everyone.
I learned how to generate spatial surrogates as guide in, but i can not find
shapefiles “emiss_shp2003.tar.gz”
I also try downloaded the shapefiles from EPA FTP However, It’s not responded.
Anybody knows where can I find them?


When I looked at previous versions of the Spatial Allocator release on the CMAS Center Website, I found this version contains a link to the files that you may need.

  1. Go to CMAS Center Website:
  2. Login
  3. Select Download > Software > Spatial Allocator
  4. Select version 3.6

The following information is available in a table.

Download Sample Data                   

(see User’s Guides for more instructions)

Download Sample Emission Surrogate Data Shapefiles (1.7 GB untarred and uncompressed)

Source: EPA Surrogate Data Shapefiles (emiss_shp2003)

Hopefully this is what you need. (To download click on the Google Drive Download Link)



Actually, after unrar the downloaded files i found folder “emiss_shp2003”.

It’s realy useful to shine the light on how to generate spatial allocation.

Thank you for your clear instruction.