CMAQ 5.2.1 Benchmark single day simulation input and output data

Thanks for your reply, solved a lot of my doubts. You helped me a lot, Dr Kang.

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Dear Dr. Kang, I am a postgraduate student from Guangzhou Institute of Tropical Marine Meteorology, China. Actually I want to know more and improve the LNOx vertical distribution. Actually I want to ask in the lightning vertical distribution module, about the settings of F1 and F2 in the W (weighted contribution) formula of the LNO in the vertical distribution of each model layer, why F1 is set to 1 and F2 is set to 0.2. I read this article, Estimates of the Lightning NOx profile in the vicinity of the North Alabama Lightning Mapping Array, which segments observed lightning and obtains the frequency distribution at each altitude level. Based on this result, the corresponding vertical distribution is designed, right? I think this content is quite interesting, and really want to contact with you more on this topic if you don’t mind. And I sent you an email. Thank you for your patience.
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@Axueaha Thank you for your inquiry and it is not an easy task to clearly explain the vertical distribution profile in a few sentences since it involves both empirical and theoretical thinking. Please see if the attached documents that I crafted a few years ago can help you understand the rationales.

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