CMAQ 5.2.1 Benchmark single day simulation input and output data

I was trying to download a single day simulation CMAQ5.2.1 benchmark data. But I can see only the input data for 9.12.17 folder and only the output data for the 9.5.17 folder. Or maybe I am missing anything or not in the right folder. Could anyone suggest me where I can the data of both input and output for a specific day?

Could anyone please help me getting the output file for single day simulation of CMAQ5.2.1 benchmarking? Thanks in advance.


Yes, I had the same question - I cannot see the CMAQ one day and two week benchmark test case data from CMAS Center website Downloads page.

The CMAQv5.2.1 benchmark relies on the CMAQv5.2 benchmark data.

This information is available thru the CMAS Center when you go to the CMAQ v5.2.1 download site.

Data Download

Input datasets are available for CMAQv5.2, and these will work with the CMAQv5.2.1 code. These test datasets may be used to test the installation of the model and to benchmark new software installations. Single-day and multi-day test cases are available for CMAQv5.2 from the link below. See the CMAQ Quick Start Guide for instructions on installing and running the single day test case.

The output data isn’t available at this time. We are preparing for a new release of CMAQ, and this release will have input and output datasets available.

Got the instructions, and currently downloading following the instructions. Thanks a lot!