Cmaq-5.3.2 compilation error

I’m not convinced it’s not the problem though. One easy way to check: change the M3EXIT call just after 2412 to M3WARN. You’ll also need to remove the 2 at the end of the call statement. With the error disabled, DESID should log the unexpected units for the GDAY variable, print that it does not recognize GDAY, and then it may continue on.

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This is the thread. Kindly help, please.



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  2. Ben proposed a solution. Did you try that code modification? If so, what was the outcome?

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Dear @Ben_Murphy,

I have tried your suggestion but still encountered similar error. How do I resolve this, please? @cgnolte

Hi Catalyst,

Sorry to hear that it failed. It should have printed the warning though, letting you know which variables were causing problems. If this didn’t happen then I’m confused why the backtrace indicated the problem was at this particular M3EXIT call. You may try entering a print statement before the XMSG variable is written to see if there is a problem in that line.


Dear @Ben_Murphy @lizadams @cjcoats @sergey

@Ben_Murphy was right. The “day” units was actually causing the error. I have found solution to this error by modifying the “day” units in my emission files and CMAQ-5.3.2 is running perfectly now.

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