CMAQ-DDM latest version

Is there a latest version of CMAQ-DDM coming out anytime soon?

DDM will be included with CMAQv5.4 which is scheduled for release later this year.

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Thanks for your response. There seems to be some issues with regards to the performance of current DDM version such as accuracy of few species in PM2.5 as well as producing sometimes zero sensitivities. Do you anticipate such issues to be fixed in the new release? As well, if you have a beta version are you able to share that with us?

I hope that people using CMAQ and its various components never have any issues and only good performance in all of their applications. Unfortunately, this will probably never be the case due finite resources devoted to us for testing every possible scenario for every possible option (not to mention user errors). So, without knowing the specifics of what you are asking about, its likely impossible to answer your first question. You will just have to try it out and share your experience with us. As far as your second question, we can certainly discuss as a group making available a beta version. However, given the release schedule and the additional efforts that it would take, a beta version is unlikely this release cycle, in my personal opinion.


Thanks Sergey for your quick response. You are correct, the tool cannot be tested for every type of scenario, and you need users like us to tell you what combination does not work.

Earlier I raised the issue of DDM producing all zero sensitivities, but couldn’t get resolved ( CMAQ-DDM Sensinput Reaction Rates - CMAQ-DDM-3D - CMAS CENTER FORUM). On the PM accuracy, it was pointed to me by a colleague, I will get more information on that.