DDM3D for selected species


I am running DDM-3D with selected species (setenv AVG_CONC_SPCS “O3 NO CO NO2 ASO4I ASO4J NH3”) , but the CCTM_ASENS file does not produce any sensitivity data, but if I do it with all species (AVG_CONC_SPCS “ALL”) it produces the sensitivity data. I would like to reduce simulation time by doing for selected species. I wonder if this is a bug or is a requirement to have all species to run DDM-3D?

Any insight highly appreciated.


This is indeed strange behavior. Please, report the model version you are using so we can take a look.


I am using CMAQ v5.3.2

In this version, the DDM-3D model is not fully supported, so its not surprising there are some unexpected behaviors. The last official release was 5.2 and 5.3 was skipped for DDM-3D (but some code was still there and functioning). I suggest you wait a couple of weeks for the release of the 5.4 model, which will also include DDM-3D.

Hi Sergey,
I tried with the new version CMAQ 5.4, I see the same behavior i.e. CCTM_ASENS files are not created if we run with selected species. Please advise.

You correct, I can confirm this behavior. Something must have gotten omitted from the release. Please, use the “ALL” option while I investigate how to address this error.