CMAQv5.4 DDM (split inventories for gridded emissions)

With DDM5.2, a gridded file (with all emissions) would be in the main script and then split inventories (i.e., a custom category of the user’s setup) of gridded files would be listed elsewhere in the run script. With DDM5.4, does one have to list the split gridded inventories instead of a single gridded file (with all the emissions), to assess the sensitivity a particular category. Note, not using the typical sector categories of NEI. The latter suggestion is the way I got it to run but wanted to double check

CMAQ 5.4 DDM-3D uses the DESID emissions module definitions. You need to specify all emissions streams in the runscript and they tell the model which ones to use for DDM-3D in the DDM-3D control file.


I see it now. I can use the stream families. Very, very nice feature.