Could not generate individual file names for file set "PGTS3D_L"


I’m merging point (3D), area, and non-road sources using MRGGID in SMOKE v4.8.1.

setenv MRGFILES “AGTS_L NGTS_L PGTS3D_L” # logical file names to merge

and I met an error message:

—>> WARNING in subroutine OPENSET
Could not generate individual file names for file set “PGTS3D_L”
Could not open file “PGTS3D_L”.
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine MRGGRID
Ending program “MRGGRID”.

But, when I went to the output directory, I found there was the PGTS3D_L file.


I don’t know why MRGGRID could not generate individual file names for file set “PGTS3D_L”. I attached the related files.

smk_mrgall_capss2018.csh (3.0 KB)
mrggrid.abmp.capss2018.20181103.Cheongju30_5km.log.txt (4.2 KB)

Is it impossible to merge AGTS_L, NGTS_L and PGTS3D_L in SMOKE v4.8.1? Or is this because the time dimension of PGTS3D_L does not match with AGTS_L and NGTS_L?

ncdump -h pgts3d_l.point.20181103.4.Cheongju30_5km.capss2018.ncf
netcdf pgts3d_l.point.20181103.4.Cheongju30_5km.capss2018 {
TSTEP = UNLIMITED ; // (95 currently)
LAY = 17 ;
VAR = 45 ;
ROW = 120 ;
COL = 120 ;

ncdump -h agts_l.area.20181103.4.Cheongju30_5km.capss2018.ncf
netcdf agts_l.area.20181103.4.Cheongju30_5km.capss2018 {
TSTEP = UNLIMITED ; // (96 currently)
LAY = 1 ;
VAR = 45 ;
ROW = 120 ;
COL = 120 ;

Oh, I found a solution.
Adding the environment variable PGTS3D_L in smk_mrgall.csh

setenv PGTS3D_L /work/gwangjin/local/smoke_v481/data/run_capss2018/output/cmaq.saprc99pm/pgts3d_l.point.20181103.4.Cheongju30_5km.capss2018.ncf

I got the merged file I expected. Is this a bug?

Sorry for the late response. I was out of town with limited internet access. It is not a SMOKE bug but something to do with your SMOKE run scripts. You need to ensure that your PGTS3D_L is set correctly for Smkmerge to open successfully. If you review your smk_mrgall.csh script and understand how it works, you can assign the file to the right environment variable name.

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Dear @bbaek,

There is a setenv of PGT3D_L in 37 line of $ASSIGNS/setmerge_files.scr. But I found that
it was defined only if $SMK_SOURCE == ‘P’.

Should the setenv of PGTS3D_L be added in the line of 47 of $ASSIGNS/setmerge_files.scr for SMK_SOURCE == E?

ASSIGNS.capss2018.cmaq.saprc99pm.Cheongju30_5km.txt (23.4 KB)

To merge files across multiple sectors using mrggrid, yes, you probably need to add that SMK_SOURCE==E logic.

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