Date of the emission data from EQUATES

Hello everyone,

I’m currently using the “run_cctm.csh” script along with emission data from EQUATES. For some point sources (e.g., “othpt”), EQUATES provides an “emis_dates” file that specifies the date to use for the sector. For instance, when I run for 20190102, the corresponding emission file would be “inln_mole_ptagfire_20190108_12US1_cmaq_cb6_WR413_MYR_2019.nc4.” However, the start date (20190108) in this file causes a running error.

My question is, do I need to modify the Fortran code and recompile the model to adapt to this situation? Is there a simpler solution to address this issue?

I appreciate your time and assistance.

Could you please specify which version of CMAQ you are using?

For recent versions of CMAQ, you can enable the SYM_DATE option for specific emission streams in such situations, please see further documentation here and here.

I’m using CMAQv5.4. I’ll check it. Thank you for your help!