DDM 5.4 crashes when writing to next day

DDM crashes after processing the first day. Not sure why I am getting this error.
out_job_14054141.txt (347.0 KB)

Does DDM (5.2 and or 5.4) need consecutive days for the emissions files to run successfully? When I selected emissions with consecutive days, it ran well, into the next day. But when I used emissions with representative days (i.e mwdss_Y), it kept crashing. Doesn’t seem like this should be a factor or matter.

It is difficult to diagnose the error with that log file. One suggestion is to set the following environment variable.

setenv DEBUG true

Then re-run the build script. This will create an executable that will provide a traceback that may help.

The other suggestion is to grep the CTM_LOG* files to see if there is additional information there.

grep -i error CTM_LOG*