Emissions processors besides SMOKE


Besides, SMOKE are there any other emissions inventory processing package or software that can be used to prepare the emissions for CCTM?

Kindly let me know



Hi John,
No, there isn’t another emissions processing tool that is available to prepare emissions.
Do you have an issue with using SMOKE? What is the region that you would like to run the CCTM?

Hi Liz,

Please I have the following questions that I need some clarifications on. At the moment, I am creating a GRIDMASK file for CAMS emission inventory. We have followed the steps documented in https://docs.google.com/document/d/1veqEjaTPbDpkqHAIcyReokvv6MaENz0TrwOcFl1ewac/edit# .
my question is based on performing step 5. below

  1. Use zonal statistics in ArcMap to find the dominant country/ocean code and timezone offset in each inventory grid cell. You’ll need to do this in two steps, once for the country code and a second time for
    the timezone. Make sure to use the shapefile that has the X,Y attributes from step 4 as the zone data. Use “Majority” in ArcMap zonal stats to find the dominant coverage of the country code and time zone offset in each inventory grid.
    nice as zonal statistics is, it really struggles with large domains, and the EDGAR

0.1 degree domain is large. To circumvent system memory limitations in ArcMap we actually needed to divide the world into quarters, process each one separately, and then stitch
the resulting data together at the end.

  1. Join the outputs from zonal stats on the GRIDID for the country code and timezone so that you get both attributes in one file. 7. Export the joined results from the zonal statistics to a CSV file that contains the GRIDID, X, Y, country code, and timezone

At this stage of the process, all the files are vector shapes files and zonal statistics requires one or more of the world boarder time zone or gridded shape files to be a raster - which one of these should be a raster? and how have they done the zonal statistics
because it seems that some steps are missing from the documentation on how it was created.

Kindly let me know please

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Hello John!
maybe you have solved this problem. but i have just encountered this these days and luckily solved it. Actually, the original format of both world border and time zone files are both in shp (i.e. shapefile vector), while ArcMap zonal statistics requires a value raster. So i just convert the shps into raster format with “Feature to Raster” tool in ArcMap (version: 10.2, please also specify the proper cell size according to your inventory cell size)

hope this will help someone in need.


dear Alpha_Su
thank you for your solution, I successfully processed the world border with your solution, but when I processed the time zone there was a problem. I couldn’t select “MAJORITY” in “Statistics type” when I used zonal statistics to process the time zone raster. Have you met this problem, and how did you fix that? Thank you.

Hello Starry!

Happy to hear that the solution helps you. I didn’t run into this problem. But according to my experience, this may be caused by the data type of your zone raster - can you check if the data type of your zone raster is integer rather than float? If it’s of integer type, the “MAJORITY” option would be available.


Yi Su

dear Alpha_Su
thank you very much. You are right and the problem has been solved.