Error in vertical advection in CMAQv5.0.2

I ran domain 1, but it didn’t go all the way.
It has to run from June 15 to July 31, but it only run until June 19.
I checked the log file and got this error.

zzz2 27 9156.27 8614.00 542.27 8993.65 3.200E-05 8.151E-06
zzz2 28 9156.27 9449.80 -293.53 9569.21 8.151E-06 2.032E-06
zzz2 29 9156.27 9680.50 -524.23 9728.00 2.032E-06 2.492E-07
zzz2 30 9156.27 9809.84 -653.57 9817.06 2.492E-07 1.965E-11

 *** ERROR ABORT in subroutine ZADVYPPM on PE 004        
 vert adv soln failed at 130000 with adv step: 001200 HHMMSS  Max Iterations = 30

PM3EXIT: DTBUF 13:00:00 June 19, 2018
Date and time 13:00:00 June 19, 2018 (2018170:130000)

I don’t know why I got the error.
Someone could help me how can I do? Thanks in advance.

Since this is an entirely different error from your previous post, it makes sense that you created a new thread for it.
However, if you do so, you should put more complete information in the new thread, so that it can help other users in the future.

For this error, try the solution previously suggested by @fliu : reduce CTM_MAXSYNC to something less than 12 minutes (720 s). Maybe try 300. I might restart the model and run for just one day to get past the trouble spot.