Error of the molecular weight for HGIIGAS

I check mercury species in CCTM/src/cb6r5_ae7_aq and cb6r5hap_ae7_aq, and it appears that the molecular weight of HGIIGAS is wrong!

For mercury species (HG, HGIIGAS, HGIIAER) in cb6r5, from GitHub they also share the same molecular weight (200.6 g/mol):

I don’t know why in GC_cb6r5hap_ae7_aq.nml or GC_cb6r5_ae7_aq.nml, the molecular weight of HGIIGAS is 271.5 g/mol.

Thank you for alerting us to this inconsistency. The molecular weight of 271.5 g/mol used in the GC namelist files for HGIIGAS is correct. The species table documentation has now been updated to also say 271.5.

@bhutzell and @jbash provided this reference:
Deanna L. Donohoue, Dieter Bauer, and Anthony J. Hynes. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2005 109 (34), 7732-7741. DOI: 10.1021/jp051354l

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