Question in Mercury modeling with CMAQ

Dear All

Considering the error that I gave from CCTM’s run for Mercury modeling, I deleted the species in AE_cb05tump_ae6_aq.nml file ( including NICKEL, CHROME, BERYLLIUM, CADMIUM, MANGENESE, ARSENIC) and the other species in NR_cb05tump_ae6_aq.nml file ( including carbon tet, propdichloride, dichloropropene, cl4_ethane, chcl3, br2_c2_i2, cl2_c2_i2, etox, cl2_me, cl4_ethe, cl3_ethe, cl_ethe, naphthalene, quinoline, hexamethy_diis, hydrazine, mal_anhydride, tol_diis, triethylamine, dichlorobenzene) and then the error was solved.

We don’t have any emission inventory for none of these species.

So I want to know deleting these species, does have any effect on the result of Mercury simulation or not? (since none of these species are not mentioned in CMAQ’s Mercury reactions) and the other question is by deleting these species, does CMAQ use the default values for these species in the equations or consider them as zero?

Thank you so much in advance.


I don’t believe there is any first-order effect from removing these species. But you will want to check with an expert like Bill Hutzell.

Ben Murphy