Errors in inline windblown dust using BELD4 data with CMAQv5.3

Hello, I am working on using the windblown dust module in CMAQv5.3 to estimate contribution of windblown dust to PM10. According to CMAQv5.3 Users’ Guide:
“BELD4: Use BELD4 landuse data for windblown dust calculations. The user needs to
specify the E2C_LU file described in Chapter 4. This file typically is available for North
American domains only…”. I use BELD4 and update CCTM run script as below
setenv CTM_WB_DUST Y
setenv E2C_LU $LUpath/

However, CMAQ run was aborted with the following error message:
*** ERROR ABORT in subroutine lus_setup on PE 000
Could not read NLCD_32 from E2C_LU
PM3EXIT: DTBUF 0:00:00 April 29, 2014

I checked BELD4 input data (varlist_tot.ncf) and it includes 20 categories but no NLCD_32 which seems required by windblown dust module for using BELD4 data.
NLCD_11 =
NLCD_12 =
NLCD_21 =
NLCD_22 =
NLCD_23 =
NLCD_24 =
NLCD_31 =
NLCD_41 =
NLCD_42 =
NLCD_43 =
NLCD_51 =
NLCD_52 =
NLCD_71 =
NLCD_72 =
NLCD_73 =
NLCD_74 =
NLCD_81 =
NLCD_82 =
NLCD_90 =
NLCD_95 =

It is really appreciated if someone could have any ideas and experience to fix this problem.

beld4 is not supported yet for the windblown dust — you may try to read the other posts about windblown dust though

To add to the response above, please see this related thread.

I am wondering if we have fixed the issue of BELD4 application in CMAQ5.3.1.

No, CMAQv5.3.1 does not solve this issue since it was released several months before this thread was started. Due to other competing priorities, this issue very likely will not be addressed in the upcoming CMAQv5.3.2 release either and will have to wait for future releases.